Name of the product: Epithelial Serum


Innovative active substance used in cosmetics with high biological activity and effectiveness in prophylaxis and health protection.
The product stimulates and strengthens the circulatory system, improves blood circulation, strengthens the connective tissue surrounding blood vessels, seals the vascular walls, increases their integrity and reduces their permeability. It also increases protein synthesis, has antiviral properties, and is a very strong antioxidant. It contains many valuable and unique chemically active compounds. The component present in the developed raw material increases the resistance of blood vessels and reduces the burning sensation, pain, and swelling. The composition of components has a positive effect on reducing the visibility of hematomas and bruises. Due to its innovative nature, the product does not currently have direct market competition. Traditional disinfectants and creams with the addition of vitamin E dominate in decontamination and healing of the skin after permanent make-up treatments. natural substances which gives an additional marketing advantage.