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Dear Start-ups!

We hereby announce that we have completed the formal evaluation stage of applications!
The following is the list of participants who qualified for the substantive stage.


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Congratulations to all participants and best of luck with further successes!

Dear Start-ups,


we hereby inform you that the fourth round of recruitment for the Connect Poland Prize will be open on May 16th 2022!


Then, you should submit your application until Juni 17th 2022.




Dear Start-ups!
We hereby announce that we have completed the substantive assessment and we present results of the second round of recruitment!

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"List of business ideas recommended for participation in the program"

Connect Poland Prize

Connect Poland Prize is an acceleration program that aims to support foreign start-ups to develop their business in Poland.

For whom is the Connect Poland Prize project created?
The Connect Poland Prize Accelerator is addressed to start-up teams coming from abroad (outside Poland), which, by applying to the program, are declaring their willingness to establish and register a company on the territory of Poland.
The program invites originators operating in the areas of: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), bioeconomy, pharmaceutical biotechnology, but also accepts solutions that are in line with the scope of the National Smart Specializations (NSS) - https://smart.gov.pl/en/.

What does a start-up receive?
­čÜę financial support (I stage: max 50K PLN; II stage: max PLN 250K)
­čÜę equity-free Acceleration and Soft-landing programs
­čÜę expert support during the entire development process
­čÜę the possibility of attracting investors and business partners
ÔÇŽ and more!

The program is operated by Lublin Science and Technology Park (LSTP), working for the economic development and innovation of the Lublin region.

The Connect Poland Prize project runs from 1 July 2021 to 31 October 2023 and consists of 4 rounds of recruitment for the program.
ROUND I - Completed
ROUND II - Completed
ROUND III - In progress (The call for applications is open from 04/04/2022 to 30/04/2022)
ROUND IV - Coming soon

Connect Poland Prize support


  • Fill out the application form
    • Submit your idea by defining the business product and the problem(s) you want to solve. Present your start-up team in your application, and tell us about the added benefits of your idea (e.g., does your idea correspond to the principle of equal opportunities? Is the product accessible to people with disabilities? and so forth).
  • Analysis of your application
    • Your idea will be formally, and substantively, assessed by a team of experts who will consider the potential of your business idea and cooperation with a Business Partner.
  • Get ready for the Pitch
    • Participation in the Connect Verification Track - online B2B meetings with start-ups. As part of the pitching session, you will be able to present and defend your business idea in front of a panel of experts.
  • Announcement of results
    • After evaluating all applications and sales pitches, the panel will create a ranking list which will open up the possibility of your participation in the next phase of the Connect Poland Prize.
  • Agreement




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Connect Poland Prize Business Partners

Polish companies are looking for new solutions, the implementation and use of which will increase innovation and competitiveness and expand the reach of the company. Meet Connect Poland Prize partners.

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