The company is one of the largest meat producers in Central-Eastern Europe and one of the industry leaders in Poland. For years it has been setting standards in the meat processing industry and is a precursor of changes. Thanks to consistent and effective activities carried out for many years, the Olewnik brand is the most popular and preferred brand of meat products in Poland.

The purpose of participation in the project is to cooperate with startups in the development of technologies that can be implemented in the company through purchase or investment.

  • IIoT solutions in the area of workstation optimization
    (Solutions in the area of adjusting work environment to the needs of an employee)
  • IIoT solutions in the area of production process automation
    (Solutions aimed at reducing the share of human labor and relieving production staff. The solutions will focus on taking over by machines tasks that require high precision and accuracy, as well as heavy and monotonous processes. Particular preference will be given to solutions dedicated to the so-called ends of production lines covering the processes of packaging preparation, packing products into packages, palletizing and internal logistics.)
  • IT and IIoT solutions allowing to reduce human involvement in logistic and warehouse processes.
    (Machines for intra-warehouse logistics and systems facilitating management and monitoring of product flow within the warehouse and shipping infrastructure.)
  • Solutions that enable automation of machinery operation monitoring processes through remote access and integration with industrial networks and ERP systems.
    (Solutions which, thanks to rapid exchange of information, will enable notifications to machine operators and service technicians immediately after a problem occurs)
  • Energy efficiency solutions for technological processes.
    (Solutions from the area of renewable energy sources and water and heat recycling, which allow to reduce the amount of used raw materials. Solutions to reduce emissions of harmful substances and energy management systems that improve the energy efficiency of the company.)


Partner’s website: https://www.olewnik.com.pl/