Biolive Innovation Sp. z o. o.

Biolive Innovation Sp. z o. o. is a biotechnology company that produces bioactive proteins and peptides. The company's activities focus on developing technology for obtaining peptides, which can be an innovative and health-promoting food additive. Laboratory tests have confirmed many health-promoting properties of the obtained peptides. Thus, these peptides can be used as dietary supplements, as well as drugs, nutraceuticals and cosmetic additives. The antioxidant properties of peptides create an opportunity to use them in the cosmetic industry, fitting into the trend of protecting the body against free radicals. The company's goal is to expand its portfolio with a range of innovative products that will allow the company to establish a greater presence in the market as a supplier of bioactive food additives, dietary supplements and cosmetics of diverse origin and properties.

As part of its participation in the project, the company is looking for solutions in the field of obtaining developed innovative technologies for the manufacturing of new products with specific tested properties, which the company will be able to use and implement. Collaborating with start-ups would bring more new products to market faster.


Partner’s website: https://www.bioliveinnovation.pl/