The company is a market leader in business process outsourcing providing comprehensive services to such entities as Eurocash, Orange Group, Lewiatan, Lotte Wedel, Mars, RedBull, Uniliver, Samsung and many others.

In cooperation with startups, the company intends to work with startups and then purchase technology rights or investments in order to offer the created solutions among its existing customers, acting as a technology integrator in the context of BPO automation.

The aim of participation in the project is to obtain:

  • IT and IoT solutions for field marketing
    (Solutions that automate and support product presentation at the point of sale and enable direct dialogue with consumers, thus strengthening the manufacturer's competitiveness and market position.)
  • Solutions in the area of automation of inventory processes and point of sale audit
    (IT and IoT solutions to optimize and monitor in a real-time manner: price research, quality research, SKU distribution, consumer research and point of sale audit.)
  • Solutions in the area of automation and optimization of merchandising processes
    (Solutions focused on increasing the effectiveness of merchandising activities and maximizing sales by generating the consumer's purchase need and moderating its realization.)
  • Solutions intended for optimization of sales teams' work
    (IT solutions using gamification mechanisms and ML algorithms)


Partner’s website: https://modus.waw.pl/