Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA

PGNiG is a leader in the domestic energy market. The company is actively involved in the search for innovative solutions in the fields of energy, cyber security and IIoT, among others. As part of the so-called 'green turnaround', it is intensifying its efforts to develop RES, alternative fuels, hydrogen or biomethane technologies. The company is also developing its own expertise in wind power and photovoltaics. In the IIoT area, interest is focused on predictive/prescriptive maintenance projects, allowing for remote prediction and prevention of failures, as well as smart metering solutions - allowing for more information on the status of energy consumption, thanks to communication between IT systems and meters, which translates into greater energy efficiency.

The PGNiG Group's operations are divided into four segments:

  1. exploration and production
  2. trading and storage
  3. distribution
  4. generation

PGNiG is interested in seeking innovative solutions offered by start-ups from outside Poland, which may contribute to the development of PGNiG's business, as well as to promote its own innovative activities. PGNiG develops its innovation activities under the open innovation formula, by undertaking cooperation with external entities to identify trends and develop new advanced products, master new markets or implement new business models.

Partner’s website: https://en.pgnig.pl