Primavera Parfum

Primavera Perfum is one of the largest distributors of premium branded perfumes, high-end skin care products, cosmetics and other beauty-related products in Poland. For over 25 years, it has offered customers best-in-class service through a unique distribution model. In a rapidly changing market, the company differentiates itself by offering customized category and distribution chain management for both brands and online and offline customers.

The purpose of participating in the project is to collaborate with startups in the development of technologies that can be implemented in the company through purchase or investment.

  • Innovative raw materials and cosmetic products
    (Raw materials and processes that increase the efficiency of cosmetic products and enable product innovation.)
  • Omnichannel feed integration solutions
    (Business Intelligence solutions dedicated to supporting omnichannel sales processes. The functionality of the solution is to provide a consistent shopping experience to the consumer, regardless of which channel or channels they interact with the vendor in. The solution is intended to streamline the management of sales support processes executed through: marketplaces, typical ecommerce (online stores), stationary/traditional points of sale, and content stands.)
  • Scalable WMS solutions in SaaS model
    (Solutions enabling IoT devices to connect to WMS systems through dedicated APIs.)
  • Systems of labeling packages based on printed electronics technology
    (Systems enabling labelling of ecomerce packages and individual product packaging with NFC/RFID tags, on which information in various languages will be coded, e.g. instruction manual, detailed product composition, instructional videos, marketing content, etc. The aim of the solution is to generate savings on label production for various foreign markets and to unify information in the cloud thanks to communication using NFC/RFID protocols.)
  • Brand Protection Systems based on printed electronics technology
    (Product labeling systems using NFC tags for anti-counterfeiting and rapid verification of originality throughout the distribution chain.)
  • Humidity and temperature monitoring systems dedicated to pharmaceutical and cosmetic products distribution.
    (Systems of sensors and markers enabling verification and detection in the course of distribution chain of undesirable incidents such as exceeding temperature and humidity norms. The solution should enable verification in which moment of the logistic chain a potential failure to keep environmental norms occurred and quick recording of events through integration with industrial systems of process participants.)
  • Integrated RFID, NFC, QR systems dedicated for POS stands, FMCG and e-commerce packaging.
    (Systems enabling the implementation of marketing activities with the use of POS stands and e-commerce packaging. Thanks to the system the end user has access to the product specification, helpdesk, marketing content and a platform to participate in affiliate campaigns.)


Partner’s website: https://www.primaveraperfum.pl/