ASI Space Bridge

The Fund operates on the basis of an investment policy focused on close cooperation with partners - including industry private investors, clusters and gas pedals, who provide invaluable "smart money" in the form of know-how and business networks in addition to financial resources.
On the one hand, the Fund intends to assist with broad acceleration plans (consulting, advisory), on the other hand it has the ability to provide a first round of financing for startups and can provide guidance to potential startups in terms of preparation in terms of raising a first round of financing. The fund plans to make its network of contacts available for the project - mentors, advisors, business angels, investors, specialists, clusters, gas pedals, research units.
Lead industry: Space and satellite technologies.
The fund is industry-oriented and supports financially and substantively the development of new technologies in the space and satellite technology area. The scope of space technologies is defined by the Fund's managers and industry experts gathered around the Fund as:
● Space and satellite technologies,
● Technologies that use space industry resources to create other products with applications in other industries.
Other industries: energy, ICT, construction.
These are industries in line with the Fund's Concept of Operation, the KIS into which the projects implemented by the Fund's portfolio companies fit, and the Fund's investment mandate. The space sector on a global and European scale is currently in the phase of defining new trends and searching for new technologies to replace old ones and secure the demand of modern societies. The Fund and its community - bringing together experienced experts and professionals - recognize many technological gaps (e.g., optical and radar sensor technologies, satellite communications and navigation, new construction, energy development, artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, new materials, etc.), the filling of which can ensure the market success of the R&D projects supported by the Fund and generate a return on the investments the Fund intends to make. The Fund finances the development of R&D projects aimed at developing solutions for the needs of the European space sector in both hardware and software and services.